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 It appears we, as Americans, are at a political crossroads. And as it is at all crossroads in our history, the decisions we are making now will have a profound
affect on the direction our country will be heading for many generations to come.

There are many aspects to our lives that now seem unrecognizable or in upheaval. How can we make these necessary decisions, if we no longer have our                political  bearings? Where is our Constitution and where are the common values that we had cherished and had thought our country would hold for time immemorial?

People Powered Democracy website is meant to help those of us who feel confused by what we are experiencing and are looking for answers to make our “crossroads decisions”. The answer to our confusion is being able to look at the context, context, context, of what is being said, published, and broadcast. On the face of it, comments are meant to impact us to react in a certain manner. By understanding the context for those remarks, we better understand what is at play. Recognizing propaganda techniques being used also helps us understand the big picture. This way we can make more informed decisions.

Once we understand the context for what is happening, we need to act, as “democracy is not a spectator sport”. Engagement can take many forms. We can read and listen and critically question political leaders, authors, experts and pundits. We can become involved in the electoral process by volunteering for campaigns and helping to “get out the vote” or GOTV, in the last few days before Election Day.

We need to stay involved over the long haul too. Being engaged for one election cycle won’t work. Quitting after your candidate is elected won’t work either. After the election is when the real work of promoting our goals begins. We need to keep our elected officials informed of what we think and feel about issues. Call or e-mail their offices and express your opinion. The newly elected official needs your continued support too. By making our voices heard, they can continue to work to achieve our goals.

With engagement, we can assure our Constitution will stand. Without engagement, the Constitution will go to those who are making the efforts to re-interpret and redirect it. We are at a crossroads, and if we do not awake now, it may shortly be too late to regain the America in which we grew up as children. Our decisions are the ones that can ensure the America we have cherished will be here not only for our grandchildren, but for many generations to come.

By bringing to you consolidated critical resources that allow you to quickly catch up quickly, we hope the People Powered Democracy website will assist in you feeling you are informed.